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Swans Can Fly
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This is my entry for Club Tutu's September Contest: "Elements" on Deviantart. :D

So last night, it was 1am and since I couldn't sleep... I decided to draw. Haha. I had the Club Tutu reminder for the September Contest in my notifications for a few days because I wanted to actually draw something for it, and I guess that time at night was my perfect opportunity to start something. I'm happy with the way it turned out. n_n It even looks like an improvement from my PT art from 2 months ago!!
So yay~ c:

The elements I used here were water and air, clearly shown in the water she's standing on and the wings on her back. I thought it was appropriate since swans can both swim (on top of the water) and fly. Also, in the show, Princess Tutu is often represented by a white swan, so that fits even more~

I hope this entry is adequate enough! I've never entered a contest on DA, so I've got my fingers crossed! ♥

Dedicated here to Angel because
1. He's always really nice and talks to me a lot on here~
2. I haven't drawn any more of my comic... and I'm sorry to him for that. :'D

Princess Tutu Fan Art
ahiru, air, fly, princess tutu, swans, water
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