The Bone Snatcher (Fan Art Portfolio) SK - Go ahead and shoot

SK - Go ahead and shoot
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Again this is SK from my Death Note role play being done with Support KIRA xD This was originally the first picture of him I had posted here on TheO but I took them all down when I cleaned out my gallery here :) This was a scene from one of my posts in the rp ;D

I figured since this is where he originated I might as well re-upload the pictures of him I drew and the others associated with them like the AKTF detectives Auron and Dante xD

>x< If you want to know more about the role play then please feel free to check out KIRA's Kingdom here on or you could PM Support KIRA here and ask her about it :D

Reference of Light Yagami was used for pose and some of SK's look yes :P He's supposed to look like Light, he's the Second KIRA so that was the point.

(c) SK, Art copyright to Amber Peckham (( Bones // Shion // Kiador // Saaun // Quillan // Dunder // Aloe ))

(c) Death Note and all associated names, characters, places and situations are copyright to Tsugumi Ohba, Takeshi Obata and their respective associates. All rights reserved.

Death Note Fan Art
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