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Lingering Spirit
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- To all who were lost on the tragedy that marred this day, Rest in Peace, may you sore forever in gentler skies.

Made in honor of all those lost in the tragic crash at the Reno Air Races on September 16, 2011 - both those on the ground and the "Ghost"'s pilot, Jimmy Leeward, who may well have spent his last moments trying to save who he could by attempting to steer as far away from spectators as possible.

This was a very quick drawing, and came from spur of the moment inspiration. Though I learned later that Leeward had expressed some drive, specifically, to race against the famous race plane, "Strega", it was not my intention to express any sort of rivalry, Strega has been featured here mainly because it's one of my other favorite race planes after "Galloping Ghost" and also because it's of the same racing class, I would have loved to have seen these two out together at some point.
The image is basically meant to imply that though gone in reality, the pilot and plane lost will never be forgotten, and will remain alive in the hearts and memories of all their fans and fellow competitors.

I did have to use some photographic reference for the planes here, as I'm not naturally good or experienced with drawing mechanical things like planes, the images referenced are as follows:

Strega -
Galloping Ghost -

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air, aircraft, Airplane, airplanes, apparition, aviation, crash, flight, flying, Galloping, ghost, ghostly, Jimmy, Leeward, memorial, Nevada, race, racing, Reno, spirit, sport, Strega, tragedy, tragic, tribute
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