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Pink Pillowcase
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Her dress looks like a pillowcase to me.

I've been doing some work with EPIC, a lot of possible outcomes and such for different characters. So, two summers back Bobby (I,myself) and I had this possible future for these two characters. That brings us to the picture.

This is Rafferty Offrey, the possible daughter of Bobby's Clist Offrey and my Alethea von Bavol. Clist has blond hair, blue eyes, and a golden-tannish skin hue. Alethea, being from Zephyr, has very dark hair and very light pink eyes. Her skin is a tannish color. Zephyrian traits are recessive, but recessive traits do appear, just in a much less ratio. ...Can anyone tell I studied genetics? No? Okay, moving on. Since Alethea has dark hair but is considered a Zephyrian blond, I gave Rafferty darker roots. She's a sun-bleached blond, to combined Clist and Alethea's different blonds. (And I saw this with Aboriginies when I was in Australia and thought it looked really pretty.) Rafferty has more gold hue in her skin than her mother does, but isn't quite to her father's shade. She does have blue eyes like Daddy. His may be darker, but I'm unsure.

Looking at Rafferty as a whole, she looks a great deal like her mother with a lot of her father's colorations coming into play. I don't actually have any pictures of Clist or Alethea, but I have a few of Alethea's siblings/cousin.
Duscha- Duscha is Alethea's oldest sister.
Indigo- Indigo (on the right) is Alethea's other older sister.
Ai- Ai (on the left) is Alethea's first cousin.
Anastasius- Anastasius is Alethea's younger brother. (Very old picture.)

Dedication for Bobby, since Clist would be Rafferty's father and as such entitles her to half of the character, if she comes into existance.

© The Unsaid Works. All rights reserved.

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