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Rita Bell Ref sheet
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Dohohohoho this has to be the fifth time I've made a ref sheet for this character '"OTL I figured I would put this in for the contest too, while I'm at it >.<''' Don't hate me

Name: Rita Bell
Age: 15
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 120 lbs
Home World: Toy Story
Weapon: Keyblade imitation/ heartblade & Aero magic
Personality: Rita prefers to act rather than to speak, and spends most of her time thinking. She is a naturally intuitive and a soft spoken person, but has a fierce streak when it comes to standing up for herself.
Background: Rita meets a new student, Jeran White (my other oc) at the beggining of the school year. The two become friends and later discover two strange charm neckalaces that they decide to keep. After a dark storm tears apart their world; Rita and Jeran are transported to the Stations of Awakening, where they meet Ansem the Wise and discover their fate.
Ansem explains to the two that he was the one who made their charms and sent them to them. He tells them that the charms contain half the power of their hearts, and to never lose them. Rita distrusts Ansem and is upset that he did something like that to her without her permission. Ansem claims that he did this to send them a means to protect themselves and their doomed world; as the charms give them abilities to fight against the darkness. He also asks them to try their best to help any other world they may come across. Since they have no world to return to, they accept Ansem's quest and leave for other worlds; not knowing that Ansem had manipulated them into his plot for revenge.
(Oh god this is getting long) After a long journey through many worlds, meeting Sora and company; Rita and Jeran end up in the World of Narnia. Here Riku/Ansem shatters Rita's heart with his reverse keyblade. Riku was previously sent by Maleficent to hassle the two, but never did any real damage.
Ansem possessed Riku however, was tired of Rita and Jeran interfering. Jeran scavenged Rita's charm before he was forced to flee, and he takes up half of Rita's heart in his own.

asfhdgladg that was long so sorry xD I really like Rita's hair short, it fits her personality better I think :)

To read the last chapter of Rita and Jeran's KH1 story go here

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