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This is my entry for HametsuKuro's KH OC Challenge.

Name: Kyron Appleford
Age: 23
Keyblade: Knights Tail / Healing Magic
Home World: Camelot (Sword in the Stone)

Backstory: Kyron was born an orphan and lived on the streets as a boy, he was soon found by Merlin the wizard and was taught the arts of magic and science. He grew up learning all about people and the world he lived in, he became very fond of helping others and aspired to become a Knight. He learned how to fight and became a strong swordsman.
One evening when he was studying healing arts he peered out his window and noticed shadows outside moving by themselves, he called Merlin to inquire as to what they were. He told him that they were beings from another world, seeking to devour peoples hearts and destroy their world. Kyron feared for his friends and neighbors but Merlin told him that there was nothing he could do. Then all of a sudden King Micky appeared through a shaddowed hole and told Kyron that if his heart was strong and pure he would be able to summon the ablility to destroy these new creatures, and with that he closed his eyes and prayed for some way he could help and summoned a Keyblade. Kyron felt the power of the keyblade surge through him and became overwelmed with a sence of duty to aid others and be a defender.
He rids his world of most of the invaders but soon more and more come and he is overpowered. Kyron and Merlin then had to flee or be destroyed along with everything else. Merlin takes Kyron to a new world, and Kyron makes an oath to get stronger and be able to help and defend future friends and people he comes to know.

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