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I at first didn't have a entry for this challenge, but then out of the blue I remembered an epic dream I had about a year ago! I had wanted to draw it for some time, but the inspiration never came until now.

So there I was, I remember walking on all fours. The tight jacket I was wearing made it difficult to move. Then I had a pan out view of what was going on. I saw I was a nidorina! I was also with Sesshomaru and Jakken. Sesshomaru was dressed as a Team Rocket member and Jakken was a Bulbasaur! We had an important battle coming up, something precious was at stake. Nothing was said, but I understood what I had to do. What we had to do.

I remember charging at my opponent(but cannot remember who I was fighting) and poisoning them. But all dreams come to an end, and mine ended right there with the annoying beep of my alarm clock! >_<

-now here I must confess, I actually think in the dream I was a nidorino O_O, since I recall having a horn on my head instead of a tail-

Well this was a one in a million and I haven't had one like it since T-T

Art info:

I used the tree brush and the moon bush from Deviant Art


Crossover Anime and Manga Fan Art
anime, dream, inuyasha, jakken, pokemon, rocket, roshi, sesshomaru, team
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Trying to be someone else!!
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