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Kagome sketch_2

this kinda old by now, but this is the second of two sketches i did one night of images from a sesskag story idea of mine that had been taunting me senseless to become existent somehow XP

mentioned in the other descript, kagome and sesshoumaru are heir to their regions. kagome, the human controlled east and sesshoumaru, the demon controlled west. the two families meet, as good relations are wanted and well maintained by both races and in this meeting each heir is present. sesshoumaru becomes curious about her because she is completely different from every demon and human woman of court he had ever met or seen. she initially takes no real notice as she isn't invested one bit in the meeting and only there really to be mentioned as the heir and say her humble greetings.

after the welcomes, she excuses herself to go off and do as she wanted, and sometime later sesshoumaru finds her and she truely greets him. she had heard of him, of course, and after meeting him becomes curious about him as well. their curiousity of the others, as well as trying to figure out certain things of each is what ties them and has them become friends.

these two sketches are meant to be of times when she is with him and they are talking or she is showing/teaching him something.

story idea (c) MINE! D:<
art (c) itsumademo

Inuyasha Fan Art
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