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Tsunamine (KH oc)
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Well my entry for KH oc,
I don't have time to make him full body in color,sorry,so I did it in pencil..
The chibi is for color reference,pretty simple colors...

Ok,on to the desc!!

Name: Tsunamine (which means giant sound wave,I guess,but people usually call him Tsunami)
Keyblade: Cosmic Melody (because it makes a sonic boom every time he finishes a combo that'll only effect the heartless)

Background Story(idk..):

He wakes up in his bed and realized his homeworld is being attacked by the heartless.His mother and father were already turned into heartless.Realizing that,he went to his little sister's room to protect her.She was fine,but the swarm of heartless had already surrounded the house by the time he reached his sister's room.At that moment,the keyblade chose him,he was able to defend for a while,but the heartless were too large in numbers,his sister woke up and saw what his brother was holding and got curious,she touched it and a large burst of energy occured,BOOM!!all the heartless was destroyed except the ones who were his parents.He realized his sister have some sort of link to the keyblade.He set his quest to restore his parents to thier orignal state,somehow.In the aftermath,he saw somebody that was holding the same thing as him(Sora),so he decided to follow him and forbade his little sister from following him,but she did.He and his siter ended up in Traverse Town where he met Leon,he quicly admired him for his sheer awesomeness(XD).Leon agreed to help him in his quest when he told him.And it ends here....gomendasai....I can't think of anything else.

Personality and preferences:
Pretty head on,does'nt like fighting with strategy.
He does'nt like using his keyblade's powers because he believes in a fair fight.
His sister is the key to his keyblade's full potential because she is somehow linked(idk).
He is strong but a bit slow but his keyblade has extremely good reach and strength.
Hates endangering friends and tries his best to protect them.

Well,I hope you like it!!
The keyblade's pretty lame...

Kingdom Hearts Fan Art
cosmic melody, oc, tags are for squares XD, tsunamine
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