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Name: Rei
Age: 14 (at the beginning of KH2)
Gender: Female
- Short / 5’2”
- Average build
- 115 lbs
- Pale skin
- Small hands and feet
- Small bust
- Wide hips
- Scars from training
- Black, layered hair with side swept fringe bangs
- Round face
- Big, angled, red eyes
- Scar above right eye
- Small nose
Character Traits:
NOTE: Rei goes through many events that cause great changes in her characters. Much of her story involves her trying to find out what kind of person she is.
Cautious, Clumsy, Conscientious, Considerate, Courteous, Curious, Diligent, Discreet, Distressed, Faithful, Gullible, Humble, Intelligent, Logical, Obedient, Observant, Pessimistic, Protective, Sensitive, Short-tempered, Sullen, Timid, Touchy, Uptight
- Travelling
- Drawing
- Learning
- Trying out new technology
- Tea
- Sea-Salt Ice cream
- Sunsets
- Music
- Disney Castle Garden
- Friends
- Sweets
- Sora
- Maleficent
- Heartless
- Fighting
- Manipulative people
- Liars
- Perverts
- Bullies
- Being weak
- Not being able to control her emotions
- Spicy foods
- Herself
Fighting Style:
- Eskrima
- Uses tactics and skills rather than power
- Stats:
o Stamina: *
o Speed: *****
o Power: **
o Magic: (can’t use magic)
- Swords (a name for the swords (Ex. Keyblade) has not yet be decided)
o Tangible form of heart energy
• Form of Dual Elfin Swords
• The balance of light and dark determines which blade appears
o Can combine into one sword (two parts of one whole)
• Nightmare (temporary name) damages a person’s heart
• Fantasia (temporary name) heals a person’s heart
• Stabbing the center of a heart will result in completely shattering/healing one’s heart
o To summon them freely, one must have complete control over their heart energy and be able to manipulate it. Otherwise, they will only appear when there is a sense of danger
o Only a selected few can wield these weapons
• The type weapon is different with each person
• Not always in the form of swords
- Dagger
o 12 inches
o Lightweight
o Made from the tooth of a saber-tooth spider (made up hybrid animal from the ATLA world)
o Leather wrapped around the handle
- Baston/Yantok
o Made from rattan
o Hard, durable, lightweight
o Used for solo training
- Shoes/Gummi Board
o Have a Transform-G gummi block underneath the heel
• Tapping the side of the shoes will activate the Transform-G and the Gummi Board will appear
o Gummi Board
• Idea inspired by Ven and how he uses the similar form of his keyblade to travel to different worlds
• Built and designed by Krys Tallera Hawkins
• Doesn’t have a landing function, so Rei uses Gravity Bombs for a safe landing on the surface.
- Gravity Bombs
o PSICOM technology (FFXIII)
o Allows the use to land safely after falling from large heights
o Supplied by Krys
- Star Shard
o Stolen from King Mickey (who stole it from Yen Sid)
o How Rei travelled to different worlds in her early adventures
o Has become dormant and she is unable to use it
- Merlin pouches
o Can hold anything and everything
o Made by Merlin
o Snaps open and close
- Superphone
o Developed by the Doctor
o Allows Rei to call and receive calls from different worlds
- Leather vambrace with steel arm guard
(EXTREMELY) Brief Biography:
After being mysteriously found in the courtyard as a baby, Rei was raised in Disney Castle by the King and Queen and their servants. At the age of 12, she discovered King Mickey’s star shard after snooping around in the castle, and she was transported to another world. After years of being lost, she runs into Roxas. He reminds her of the importance of being alive, and helps bring back some life into her. Shortly after their meeting, Rei stumbles onto Castle Oblivion where her heart is taken and her nobody is born. Vexen experiments on her nobody so all of Rei’s negative feelings are concentrated into that nobody. The nobody is named Cerix(the “C” in her name comes from the word “crudelis” which means heartless in Latin)Through some shenanigans, Rei was restored to her original body, tricked Cerix, fused with her, and became whole again. However, because of Vexen, Cerix acts like a virus that multiplies negative emotions. When Rei is feeling angry, sad, etc., the emotions are intensified and she can go into an all caps rage. These negative emotions also make Cerix stronger, so Rei must stay in control of her emotions so Cerix doesn’t overpower her. Knowing she must get stronger to help fight the upcoming threat, Rei goes off and trains vigorously for 6 months. In KH2, she aids DiZ and Riku to restore Sora in order to spend Roxas’s last days with him. When she tries disrupting the plan at the last minute, Diz pulls her out of the program. With the loss of her best friend, she loses control of the emotions she trained so hard to contain. Because of her outburst, Rei is barely able to control Cerix’s power. Throughout KH2, she fights for control over her emotions and searches for answers and forgiveness for her past sins.




I'm SO sorry that this isn't finished @[email protected] I wanted to enter so badly thoughhhhhh
I promise it'll look a TON better once it's done. The bio especially, was very crappily done. It was really hard to explain enough to get a good idea of the story without spoiling a lot T__T
I originally typed up a bulleted list in Word, so that's why there are weird shapes(if they're still there).
The real size of this drawing is MASSIVE. I'll be sure to provide a link to a super high quality version once I get it finished. Plus I'll make sure all of the info is neatly organized on the drawing :D

Some things that have changed that use to be constant:
She doesn't have burns on her hands
No goggles
No crest of protection necklace
Different weapon design and effects
Keirx changed to Cerix
Cerix is more important
Roxas is more important
Her story is even more super complicated and long

uhhhh don't know what else to say?
hmmmm if you guys want to know anything else about Rei, I'll be sure to add it into the bio of the finished drawing once I get it done :)

OH! Also, if any of you guys have any ideas on what I should name her blades, that would be greatly appreciated @[email protected] Something along heart,balance, etc. would be good. Not something with blade or sword though, because it takes the form a weapon that best matches the person, and that's not always a sword or another bladed weapon.

That's all for now! I need to get back to school stuff @[email protected]


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