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from FMA.
This took a couple days to do, 092311 to 101511.
Thoughts on improvement? x3 Thanks!
Addicted to "Okay" by Backhouse Mike.

This is a photobooth picture BTW.
The first panel is Riza sitting up with a formal smile while BHayate is leaning in closer to the camera. I wanted him to lick the camera but didn't know how to draw it ;3;
The second panel has Riza with a more nonchalant/curious. She's supposed to be more informal by each panel. BHayate is doing something underneath; as you can see, you only see his tail.
The third panel, we see BHayate was putting on a mustache (don't ask) and shows it off to Riza. Riza is still sitting back thus BHayate is smaller compared to the first panel.
The last panel has Riza now warmed up and more informal in the photobooth they're in. I tried to make her eyes more in anime/manga, y'know. Blushes and a hug is added to exemplify the more relaxed feel Riza has. We can all thank BHayate if you want.

Thanks to envythejealous for reminding me to talk about the art!

Fullmetal Alchemist Fan Art
alchemist, Bang, Big, Draft, FMA, full, J, metal, piano, riza, window
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