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Ryou Witch

This was just one of my few representations of Ryou if he was in the L4D (Left 4 Dead) games, etc. I think this is one of my first crossover images! It's also my first L4D picture ever! Holy Ra!
I have to say though, what inspired me to do this pic was actually my sister's love for the L4D games and KitsuneKitties version of Ryou as a Witch. (You can find KitsuneKitties on Deviant Art.) I quite like how this one came out for a change. (Decent outlining is more like it......... <<) Also, Ryou is not genderbent in this image, it appears as such mainly because of his rib cage jutting out because he's supposed to be an emaciated zombie....
The image is dark on purpose... mainly to give more focus to the glowing eyes.
I'm thinking about drawing the other YGO villans as Special Infected too. Though sorry folks, I don't think of Yami Bakura as a hunter, still a witch in my book cause of his short temper and secluded behavior. blech...

Yu-Gi-Oh Fan Art
Bakura, L4D, Left 4 Dead, Ryou Bakura, Yugioh, zombie
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