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Don't leave without me!

I saw those eeljinka things and I wanted to make one too. I was a bit intimidated because it seems that everyone who does these meme things are alway really awesome artist and I hope I measure up. I tried to do this quickly before it fell out of style. Basically, I wanted to jump on the bandwagon before it left. (Hense the title.)

These are really fun to make and it got me out of my artist block. I have two others, but I want to do this art thing for school so I'll probably put them off.

It frickin' snowed today! It's not even November yet! It gave me an opportunity to work on this though. (Probably should have done some college essays though. Ugh.) I did do something productive today though; I got my permit! I'm kinda nervous though since I haven't taken any driving lessons yet.

So about the actual eeljinka, I don't have a name yet, but I'll think of one eventually. At first I though she had more of a creeper face and I was gonna give her some binoculars, but she kinda looked bored so I made her yawning instead. Nia and Kathy think she looks drunk though.

Oh, well. I'll just say for now that she's a fashionista who is easily bored. She never wears the same thing twice, but always incorporates her trademark gray and pink polka dots in some way.

I have to say though, I really like her bracelet and boots.

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