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Empeon 01
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Empeon (Emperor, -ror and + on)

This is Empeon, the legendary Eevee evolution. Little is know of this pokemon other that two sightings, this pokemon is but a myth.

Height: 3’ 8” while standing on all fours and 5’ 6” standing on its hind legs.
Weight: about 200 pounds (has a lot of steel and rock in it.).

Type: every type, but since there is no pokemon with more than two types, this will be considered a Normal Type. Here is the breakdown on what each piece is.

Overall shape: a basic evolved eevee from.
Ears: Dragon type
Forehead: Psychic type, A Psychic gem like espeon’s.
Fangs: Bug type
Mane: Normal type
Spine: Steel type, metal spines stick out of it’s back.
Shoulder: Plant type and Poison type, since grass and poison types are closely related, I put them together, the red spots being for the poison.
Mid section: Rock type, the mid body is covered by rock armor.
Front paws: Fighting Type, the front feet turned into ape like paws, hands, so it can do attack.
Hind legs: Ground type
Ankles: Flying type, these small wings allow this pokemon to fly at a surprising speed.
The tails starting from the left:
Dark type
Electric type
Fire type
Water type
Ice type
Ghost type, a bone tail surrounded by a ghostly energy.

When Empeor is about to attack, the part that represent the same type as the attack used will glow.

Ritual Evolution:
This is a rare pokemon because there is no more than one at a time. When one dies, which may take several hundred years, Eevees are analyzed and evaluated to see which one will be best suited. When one is selected, a Vaporeon, Flareon, and Jolteon along with representatives for other types, may or may not be other evolved Eevee types, will gather with the selected Eevee to a special location. Here they gather around the young Eevee and at once all give off a powerful attack of their particular type. Since Eevee’s are sensitive to radiation, all these special moves make enough radiation to saturate the Eevee’s body and causes it to evolve into Empeon. Because of the way it was evolved, this pokemon has intense special attack and special defense.

It rivals any legendary pokemon, especially since it can do pretty much every attack, and is chosen to be the peacekeeper amongst the pokemon. It rarely intervenes when humans are involved and when it does it does so from a distance. There are a few accounts of an attacks that come from seemingly nowhere, turning the tide of battle in favor of the good. In most cases where it is just pokemon involved, the methods are a bit less aggressive, like just using Roar or Sweet Sent or something similar to just stop the dispute. Even Empeon just arriving can stop most disputes. Every wild pokemon knows about this Empeon and in exchange for his protection and help, they keep him a secret from the humans so they do not try to catch him. In fact the ones who use their powers to make him are forever devoted to his secret and safety.

If you find yourself facing this pokemon, your pokemon you have caught in the wild will not attack it. Only those who were hatched by humans will attack Empeon.

Based on the generation 2 way of reading stats:
Hit Points: 2
Attack: 2
Defense: 2
Speed: 3
Special Attack: 3
Special Defense: 3

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