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Ringnir 01
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Oops. I should have read the instructions better before doing this. Well it is done so even though it may not qualify to be in the competition, I will enter it anyhow.

This is Ringnir. It is summoned by using the Key of the Ring. There are of a few of these keys but unlike other keys, the creatures summoned from these are completely different from one another (Like how Lucy’s Nikora (Plue) was mentioned as a race). And this is in color.

Attributes: This spirit is highly reflective and its’ body is very hard. It is a living mirror. Its face is just a dome like piece of glass, allowing it to see everything with in a 180 by 180 radius. Its body is like polished silver. Its’ hands is replaced with mirrors with a diamond instead of glass, making it good for hitting things. It also has a piece of glass on its’ chess which extends through his body and covers most of its back. The golden part around its’ head is think and acts like a receiver of sorts. It also has a sound stone on its’ neck, this will explain that later. And it is genderless.

Abilities: The mirrors on its’ hands can reflect attacks that admit light: light, fire, lightning, etc. In good light, or at least when the subject is properly lit, it can take the form of it, and use it’s gold fin on the head to copy what is in the mind of the individual at that time allowing it to be a good at infiltrating and to use in interrogation. The sound stone can capture a voice, sometime just sound as well, allowing it to speak. The Glass on its’ chest is able to collect light at the back and focus it to do a powerful light beam attack. It can also be used as a telescope.

Personality: It likes to turn into women and feel its’ body. Not because it is a pervert but because it has a hard body usually it likes being soft. It also seems to take on the personalities of those around it. It may not have much of a personality by its self.

Origins: Ring Nebula in the Lyra constellation.

The Key: it is nothing more than a circle on two ends with a bar between them. The key is the same for all Ring Nebula spirits. On one side (the handle part) the center of the circle has a small gem. On the other side of the key there is a straight hole in the middle.

Fairy Tail Fan Art
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