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KH: Kanako Hart
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New version of Kanami Hart. This is the 1000th time I changed her clothes, but its the first I've ever changed how her hair goes. and her eyes because there are too many characters with blue eyes >3>

Kanako Hart
Alias/Nickname: Kana, Princess, Hart
Age: 15-16
Height: about 5'0" or 5'1"
Keyblade(s): Queen Angel Heart(main)
Hometown: Destiny Islands, Paragons Solace(birthplace)
Likes: cute things, friendship(she's sort of a hippie), Sweets, manga, Mo-chan("pet"), Music, some classical music, playing soccer
Dislikes: Dark chocolate, Bitter foods, being teased, bugs</3, Spiders, Science ("What will I use that for!?"), people who smile alot("it's kinda Creepy =_= ||| "), Falling/ Heights, swimming (she can't swim), playing every other sport(she sucks at it)
Pet(s): Mo, Mi (Nana currently has her)
Personality: She can be cheerful when she is excited or happy about something. In certain situations, she tries to look to the positive side all other days she can be pretty negative. She's not very loud nor does she speak very softly(neutral). Naive and excitable or nervous depending on the situation. She tries to be tough and strong, but she almost always fails. She can get easily annoyed, and giggles alot sometimes when she says something. Kind of a coward but she tries to be brave.
Hobbies: reading manga, singing(when she's alone or with Mo), playing piano, Drawing.
History: Her mother was once the Queen of Paragons Solace. But after her father lost the keyblade war to his brother, he took over Paragons Solace with controlling the heartless. At this time, half of Kana's heart disappeared and created Nana, her nobody. The queen fled from her world with baby Kana to Destiny Islands where she thought nobody will find her... After 4 years of living in Destiny Islands, Kana moved away and came back 10 years later, Without any memory of anyone she met there or rarely anyone remembering her...
Quote: "Memory is a child walking along a seashore. You never can tell what small pebble it will pick up and store away among its treasured things."~Pierce Harris, Atlanta Journal

**I'll draw her keyblade later.**

Enjoy ~ <3

Kana and Paragons Solace © me

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