Frozened Shadow (Fan Art Portfolio) Dreamscape

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I had a homework in my drawing 1 class on dreamscapes. Which is probably the coolest mother effin' theme ever. And I'm really surprised my professor let me draw it this way! :D

So, I incorporated three styles of dreams I had:

1) In high school or middle school I had a dream I was on a bus to school, and the driver was speaking Japanese. But on the bottom, of the screen of my mind I guess, were subtitles that had a red bouncing ball going over them. The skull with the wings was supposed to be the ball, but it blends in the background a little too much. ><;;

2) A few years ago, I actually had a movie for a dream. Opening titles, the title of the movie, the dramatic focus fro the sky to an island, etc. And this monster was released from the island, went to the US, stole my mom, and I had to get her back... you know how that stuff goes. So, that's my persona fighting some random monster I made.

3) When I dream sometimes, I have this one initial dream, skip to another, then go back to the first dream(which by then I know I'm dreaming and can control everything). So, boom, three different backgrounds. With the first and second matching.

Of course, I put my own twist on it. I had to get them to work together. xD
The whole thing was done in Sharpie Markers and a white gel pen. :3
Picture and characters(c) Me

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demon, dreamscape, touke
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