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Naruto X Ino
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finally finish!!

i've been doing this drawing around 2 weeks. aah~ i'm so happy
so, the first time i know this challenged i was like.. omo, i'm really going to enter this. i think the errand is so simple, use my imagination and think of unlikely couple in the same anime..

But it's not easy when i'm starting the process. there's a lot of anime and a lot of characters so it's hard for me to choose one of them.
i've been thinking it a whole day and finally my brother suggest to pick the couple from a popular anime.. and of course for me it is Naruto.
At first i'm choosing Naruto and Tsunade. Come on, this is OBVIOUSLY unlikely couple. There's no way this two character will be a lover. i'm so happy and start drawing them. after 3 day past i gave up. it's because a moment i start drawing, another problem occur.

-i told you, i'm not a great drawer...

so i guess i'm going to draw other character. the guy still Naruto, and i need to choose other girl for him. a moment i throw away Tsunade, the first girl across on my mind is apprentice of Tsunade, Sakura.. -NO, there's an episode it looks like Sakura love Naruto - THEY MIGHT WILL BE A COUPLE. Choose another girl! throw Sakura, a girl occur in my mind is.... Ino Yamanaka! Her best friends!

i think Naruto and Ino suitable for the challenge. For me they are impossible to be a couple. They have had virtually NO interaction, and i cant imagine them working at all. Furthermore i like Ino, she's strong, kind, beautiful and cute....and she is so so so kind.............

-for the picture, the couple taking picture together, and... the lips and 'i love you' sentence is by Ino. (sorry Ino looks weird here)- i told you .. again.. i'm not a great drawer..

Naruto Fan Art
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