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Happy holidays, everyone! As I've done every year for the past...who knows how many years, I draw something for my brother as a Christmas gift. Or his b-day (in Jan.) yeah, I always draw a character that he likes. XD We haven't watched much anime lately, but we got into Jem and the Holograms lol. Classic 80's cartoon awesomeness!! And watching this one episode (I think it was from the Talent Search), he paused and was all, "Wow, Pizzazz looks really good there. You should draw her!" That was a few months ago. So look, I didn't forget. XD I found that part, paused it, sat in my chair in front of the tv and drew her lol. I couldn't find the ep online, so I took a photo of my tv screen (my gawd, is that ghetto or what; I can't even take a proper screenshot lol).

Here is my original sketch. Then I scanned it in...and instead of doing my usual crappy coloring on the comp, I decided to try and VECTOR my drawing. I've never done that before...cause I'm used to just vectoring official scans lol. You know, stuff that looks good. XD Not my sketch, with all of its flaws. >> But anyway, I'm really happy with how it turned out!! ^__^ I think she looks better than in the original cartoon lol~ It was tough drawing her cause I'm not used to non-anime styles...her lips were tough. >> I think I still made her look more anime-ish lol.

So even if my brother isn't all OMGOMGOMG about it, I'm proud of what I did...I like how it turned out. <3

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