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Uh oh, mistletoe
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Merry Christmas, everyone! (Haha, I didn't really have a title in mind...)

Shion and Nezumi from No. 6. I had started doing a different painting for my Christmas picture this year, but a few days ago, I was hit with sudden inspiration for this one. (Although my first idea was the other way around, with Nezumi coming up behind Shion and holding mistletoe over his head.) And since the No. 6 anime aired this year, it's more relevant to this year, so I decided to go with it. ^^ Though I'm sure the perspective and anatomy are a bit off; I think especially Shion is a bit too high. ^^; Eh, live and learn. (I like the idea for my first one a lot too, so I'll just save it for next year. Hopefully, by then I'll have some inkling of how I want to paint it!)

I wanted to experiment a little with doing a looser style, both in line art and painting, with this one. Obviously that still needs a lot of work. ^^; Also, this one was a bit of a pain to finish because, well...

A couple weeks ago, I broke my Intuos pen! Like literally, the plastic barrel under the rubber grip of my pen snapped. I guess I grip or press too hard. >_> Anyway, I taped it back together and didn't think it would be a problem, since it was just the plastic casing and the pen worked just fine still. And it was fine at first. But a week or so ago, I started noticing some responsiveness issues, and it's really gone downhill the past couple days. So now I have a new pen on order, but until I get it, I guess I will probably end up being on a bit of a forced vacation from art. Maybe I can still sketch a bit, but it takes some serious patience--which I generally lack--to get precision work (so especially line art) done. *sigh*

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