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SS: Flowers Before Boys
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Merry Christmas, MeepoSan! I'm am your Secret Santa!! TA-DA! xDDD

Hehee~ Please look at high resolution! I couldn't decide which guy to draw from your list of Inazuma Eleven characters, so I drew your whole list hahaha... ^^' (With the exception of Atsuya, since he is a personality in Fubiki Shirou, is that right? O.o) Anywho, this was so fun to draw~ Over 100 layers if you wanted to know haha~ I lost count in SAI. ^^' I tried to stick with the style of the original artist, my style kind of peeped in too~ xDDD The cloud background was really fun to draw too~ I enjoyed that part very much!

However, I hope you like it! Yukimura Hyouga was my favorite to draw and color~ <3 MERRY CHRISTMAS! He's so cuteeee~~

References from the Inazuma wiki website.

Inazuma Eleven Fan Art
Fubuki Shirou, Hiroto Kiyama, inazuma, inazuma eleven, Kariya Masaki, Kurama Norihito, Matsukaze Tenma, meeposan, Midorikawa Ryuuji, Minamisawa Atsushi, secret santa, Shindou Takuto, Yukimura Hyouga
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