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Wolf's Rain Characters
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Hey! This is my first submission in 2012! ^_^
I was stuck in a slump for a little bit after Christmas since I had 3 things on my mind: ice hockey (too warm to make an outdoor rink so its disappointing xP), Ocarina of Time 3DS (my new game), and Wolf's Rain (the anime I just finished watching <3). So I decided to sketch the characters from Wolf's Rain in human form. I love them all!! I thought the anime was very intriguing... and very sad too. At first I didn't like the ending, but now I think its pretty neat! If you haven't watched this anime, you should check it out^^
I used references off of wifi and a mechanical pencil for this. Critiques, comments, hugs, and favs very much appreciated~

Left to Right- Top: Kiba and Toboe, Middle: Hige and Tsume, Bottom: Blue

Who is your favourite character? I like cute Toboe a lot but Kiba is cool as well... though I like Tsume as well since he's misunderstood. Hige is funny, but he's not my favourite, and Blue is really amazing. Ah I can't choose! Dx

If you'd like to see my sketch of them in their wolf form, please click Here!

Wolf's Rain Fan Art
anime, Blue, Hige, humans, Kiba, people, sketch, Toboe, Tsume, wolf's rain, wolves
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