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Detached Archmon 01
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Detached Arden

Name: Archmon

Gender: Male

Age: 37 assumed

Race: Detached (When a Heartless and a Nobody become one but do not take the original form. In most cases concerning human form Detached, the body more closely resembles the Nobody’s original body and the Heartless’s mind and personality for the most part. Though, there is always a little mix. If you want more info on Detached look at my other work, Human, Form)

World of Origin: Eclipse Town. A small world made by five of the first eight Detached under the direction of and now ruled by Archmon the ruler. This is actually the world that you see in the background. Like the Detached, it too is made from combining two elements together. In the picture you see a volcano combined with a snow capped mountain and green field hill with a grain cover hill, a red sun with a yellow sun, a stream coming out of tree trunk, and most prominently the house that appears to be made from multiple structures. Elsewhere on this world is where the eclipse actually is present.

Keyblade: Iron Beam, made from the “Tone Weight” key chain. It is a very basic key, having only one tooth and not looking like much, it makes up for its appearance by its practical use. It is a device of pure power. It is heavier than any other Keyblade but it also has great length, giving it powerful finishing attacks as well as great defensive abilities. Archmon is the only one so far who can wield this Keyblade with one hand.

Eye Color: White
Hair Color: Yellow
Hair Style: Mane like
Height: 6’ 3”
Weight: 163
Body Type: Thick muscle
Distinguishing Markings: Has a beard.

Specialties: This character has great charisma and great gives of a feeling of power and leadership. He has great strength and never gives up in a battle even if he is knock unconscious. He is also the only one who can control all non-human form Detached no matter how powerful they are.

Clothes Style: Lets his hair grow free. He never wears shoes. The rest of his cloths are simple except his blue cape. His red longs leave shirt has the emblem of the Detached on it. He also wears white pants (that color might change).

Personality: Has no aspirations except to be a ruler. The more followers he has the more powerful he feels and he happier he is.

Hobbies: Has no real hobbies because he is devoted to ruling and does a fair job at it.

Likes: To live life with his people and gaining more followers.

Dislikes: People who try to destroy his kingdom.

Eccentricities: Unlike most Keyblade masters, he will actually use his bare hands, and feet, to fight his opponents, giving him more attack options. When he tries to extend his realm, he accepts defeat most graciously but when he is defending, he will fight and give no quarter or mercy to anyone who means his world harm unless they bow out and agree to never return. He has very little magic but is quite strong and faster than you think so don’t underestimate him.

History: His Heartless came form a man who had great strength with words but his physical attributes left him without anyone who would listen to them. Being from one of the worlds unheard of and destroyed before the story of Kingdom Hearts 1 unfolded, he was quickly captured and made into a Heartless.

His Nobody came from a world where he was adired for his lookes, and though he was not slow in tongue, no one really took interest in what he said. When his world was attacked he tried to help others but he was ignored and in his frustration forgot to keep an eye on the Heartless and was captured.

When they found each other, they realized that they could compensate for the others drawbacks I leading others so they became one.

After fusing, he found himself in the old world of Hallow Bastan. It was not long before he met Hemifera and they traveled together for a time until he found enough of their kind to make a world of their very own.


Greeting: “This is my kingdom.”

He is already a keymaster but hardly ever strays from his realm unless he has a reason so is rarely seen on other worlds.

Other Info:
Air Guard (Block in the air)
Counter Guard (After blocking, press (X) to do a quick kick.)
Ground Smash (When jumping, hit (X) and (Square) at the same time makes him hits the ground with the Keyblade, which makes a ripple on the ground knocking any on the ground back and doing some damage. If you are hit directly, you will take a great deal of damage. )
Vault Slash (Uses his Keyblade to pole-vault to his opponent closing large distances in a short time and slashing at him with a powerful spinning slash.)
Round Out (If two or more opponents attack him, he will finish a combo with a spinning move doing a good deal of damage to all around him.)
Last round (When his life reaches 0 you can press Triangle as a reaction command and he will continue to fight until the gage runs out or the opponent is defeated. He is stronger, does not get suffer from pain, and cannot use magic but can still use reaction commands. When he is injured, it takes away from the gage.)

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