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Mirai and Yuuki
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This is for superstarpanou's challenge.

Sorry it's soo...messy...'orz

I wanted to make it in time for the theO challenge thingy...;m;

Good thing I watched this anime. This was a very fun challenge...despite...making me on the verge of tears...

This scene is just how I remembered, so I'm not sure if it occurred that way, I just remember things in a building being broken. But I guess it gives the pic more meaning this way...even if it might be wrong.

I don't have the courage to watch this episode again...

This is a scene at the end of Tokyo Magnitude 8.0...soo....maybe there's spoilers...O.o;...'orz

Because of that...I'm not saying what's happening...well, it's kinda obvious from the picture...XD Just go watch the animoo!

The last two episode I was crying the ENTIRE TIME! Gosh...there just wasn't one moment at the end that made me feel any better...then I cried a few days afterwards...

That's how great this anime is.

The saddest part is that recently Japan has an earthquake WORSE than in the anime.

I suggest you guys go watch this anime. It's amazing.

Enjoy! XD

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