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All for One and One for All
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Hey is this my 5th entry to this awesome challenge?? :D
I was inspired to do this artwork by those flip-notes contestants who did mini animations of Zelda on their DSi when the 25th LoZ Anniversary contest was going on (hosted by Nintendo). I wasn't able to enter (cuz I don't have a DSi), but I loved watching those little flip-notes! The winners were totally awesome!!!
Anyway, this is the Four Swords addition. I got it was a free download on my 3DS. I've drawn all the different Links coming 'alive', though the game isn't actually 3D. I like how this artwork turned out though... It took me a few days to complete it as I didn't want to make too many mistakes with the markers. (viewing on high-res will probably be better^^)
Four Swords is actually one of my favourite Zelda games as well. I like how you can team up with your 'second self' to solve problems xD

Zelda Fan Art
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