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This sopposed 2 be an entry 4 the MaronMedia's anime angel didn't been accepted coz I missed the deadline..;XD....""orz
actually, I was having some time but coz I was all dead (and it wasn't enough time 4 me ;;;)I couldn't complete it and I gave up! bX; I was thinking of leaving it rust in my folders and then Reirei-chan came and gave me some of her inspiration aaand I finished it!!! >8D Thanks Reirei-chan!!....but it was still late..T^T

anyway, I made it winter! coz it's awesome!! X3, I hope I captured the atmosphere of winter right! ouo and please ignore any mistake u see! XD
I made alot of details in the bg and, I added some sparkles around 2 give it kind of fantasy-ish look!! ">w< *look in hr pls QwQ*


unaccepted artwork 4 MaronMedia's anime angel artbook.
Done by: SAI and Photoshop


in my past days I was work with like 100+ layers but now I can work in with just around 20 layers..that's really great thing, thought! b=w=

dedicated 2 bic-chan coz she is amazing like that! X) congrats 2 u~

hope u like it!
Thank u~ >3<

Original Anime and Manga Fan Art
angel, blood, cage, cold, crow, feather, girl, orz, ribbon, snow, too small, tree, unaccepted artwork, white, wings, winter
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