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Earth King Amaimon
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Hi There~

Soooooooo……. Originally this was for the Challenge Slam. I know, I know, this is Late ;0; !
I had the line art finished in time, but couldn’t get around to color it.

And when I first colored it….

Oh Ma Baby Jesus.

FAIL. I was convinced that leaving it as an outline was the only way to go. I tried so many times to color this and they all turned out hideous. So hideous Frankenstein mistook it for his child D:!

No really. I colored this multiple times before I even dared to save it. Because Once I hit that save button on my Photo Shop, I can never reopen it again with layers. It compresses and sometimes refuses to open. At times it wont even let me open anything. OTL If its not saved as PNG, not worth trying to open, because it wont. ;n; Stupid faulty PS.

And just my luck, to have colored it all, and Ps crashes.

I swear I died. D:::

Luckily, I was able to reopen- all layers compressed of course- but it opened! ;0; A miracle!

Though Since I didn’t have the layers, my usual coloring style went out the door. D: So I had to venture off in doing something different with the picture.

This somehow happened. eue;

Oh, I can’t use brushes or type either. Its rather difficult to go around my PS. D:< So Those Ink Blots and that “texture” Is just googled images of “Ink splats” and “Nasa Space Pictures”. ;u; Im no designer, I know.

Can’t say I’m not happy with the result though. I think It turned out well. [: I’m also excited because this is my first official TheOtaku Challenge. <3

I used to do Challenges before it went mainstream. *pushes up hipsters glasses* If You don’t know what I’m talking about , then you haven’t been around theO long enough. Haha *feels like a senior citizen* ;u; <Oh you Youngsters you)


I picked Amaimon because I thought he would be the funnest to draw. I had too many favorites in the series so I just went with that. {ialwayshaveproblemsinpickingjjustonecharactertolovethemost} D:

Also, I kinda wanted to go with a dark colors theme since I always do works that are happy-go-lucky colors. >w<

As usual, the line art is sketchy looking. I love my works that way. [: I hope you all can recognize that as being my style of art by now O: It shouts out Lunastarz with it I think. Because Luna, still can’t draw a straight line using her tablet. D:

Wheeee~ This was Fun. Hope you enjoy this piece and leave a nice comment~

I like those. <3

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