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Adult Dren
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Dren, my villainous pokemon gijinka, eventually grows up to be a powerful psychic menace wanted through out the world. His name alone will make other gangs flinch.

Yes. He's a male that chooses to evolve into a Gardevoir. He has a personal dislike towards Gallades do to his father's abandonment of him when he was a child. Plus, he isn't physically powerful and Gardevoirs have stronger psychic abilites.

When he reaches this stage, Dren will abandon his secret identity as The Overlord completely. He has no reason to hide his form anymore, and he has no intention of ever returning to his family. He has gotten over his hesitance when it comes to murder, and evolves into a cold, serious man.

As an adult, Dren's psychic powers have peaked and he can generate powerful shields to protect himself. He can manipulate a small army to do his will, and his elite force, an eeveelution strike team called the 7 Vixens, are more than capable enough to stop anyone who dares oppose him.

Child Form: Click Here!
Teen Form: Click Here!

Pokemon Fan Art
Dren, Gardevoir, gijinka, Pokemon, Pokemorph, villain
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