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Thinga-ma-jig 02
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This is for the Crazy Thinga-ma-jig competition. I have not made a name for this creature but here is the run down of what it is.
Well it obviously has wings so it can fly or at least glide. It also uses it’s large webbed hands to increase it’s ability to glide as well as steer, climb trees and cliffs, and grab prey with. It has a long tail for stability and to cut down on wind resistance. It has a powerful jaw that can bight through most bones. It is at its most vulnerable when it is on the ground but far from helpless. I did pretty well on the shading so did not want to mess it up with coloring it but I will put it on the same worlds as the other thinga-ma-jig I made and say it is also bleu or purple.
Well that is it for this one. Comments are appreciated.

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Crazy thinga-ma-jig.
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