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SPN - Castiel "Chibi"
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Hellooooooo new fandom! Wellllll... Kinda-new.

The past month or so, coupled with lack of Doctor Who, being sick for half of Christmas break and the convenient scheduling on TNT has lead me to two new series/fandoms/forms of entertainment, whatever you want to call it. The first is the Discworld books, which I'd been wanting to read for awhile. They are BRILLIANT and HILARIOUS.

The second is Supernatural; I've seen various episodes out-of-order but have a general idea of what's going on. Despite not watching it religiously (*is shot for bad pun*) I always found it pretty entertaining whenever I managed to catch an episode. Though the first time I remember watching an episode of SPN I think it went something like this....

A look back into the world of 2006!

Me: Oh, this looks interesting and is rather entertaining and humorous. Wow, that was awesome, they just sliced that vampire's head clean off!

Mom: You cannot watch this because it is violent and it is clearly derogatory towards women because it used the word "b***h"!

Me: whut.

Back in the present!

Haha...good times.

So! Here be Castiel, who happens to be my favorite and who turns out is easier to draw than Sam and Dean due to his limited wardrobe. If I finish drawing the Winchesters I'll add them to this picture.

Oh dear. I need to stop drawing chibis D: And I've realized that this description is way to long. Oh well, enjoy!

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