Kitty K.O. (Fan Art Portfolio) Real Men Wear Loincloths!

Real Men Wear Loincloths!
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I've finally finished~! Okay, I maaay have gone a bit overboard, but what can I say? I got into it XD lolz

These are the winners of PGR's "Sexiest" poll =eue= Very deserving they are, indeed X3 Poor Rai, though XD Let's hope they don't catch a cold with this stunt~

Characters belong to members as follows:

Lux the Luxray -- Team Plasma N
Arc the Arcanine -- SaiKat
Raimundo the Raichu -- toyotami kun

Congratulations to the winners~! =D I wonder who will win in next time poll, though? X3 Next up will be the ladies X3 Enjoy the fanservice girls XD

EDIT: Forgot Lux's red markings under his eyes, so added that in XD; Sorry Iru-Iru X3;

Pokemon Fan Art
Arc, arcanine, color, contest, gijinka, Kitty K.O., loincloths, Lux, luxray, men, PGR, poll, Rai, raichu, Raimundo, sexiest, sexy
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