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Two of A Kind (uncolored)
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Yeaah. So since I haven't posted anything in like. Forever. I'm putting up old art that I haven't put on theO x:

They are, from left to right, Scarlet Moore and Jayleen Moore. No they are not twins or even siblings. They are each other C: Scarlet is the Pokemon Special version of Jayleen Moore who is the anime version :D

I'm sure you guys would love to read their Bio's ELSEWHERE, since it's super long and pretty much a timeline of their lives orz

Scarlet is an architect, I think. I forget lol XD She helped reconstruct the hot springs in Lavaridge town. Since Flannery's her sister and ish lol. Uhm. She likes Blue(or is he Green? DX) but she isn't sure what to do with those feelings. She might end up with Teal(My Richie OC(?) for Pokemon Special XD). Her brother is Azure(yes, Jayden Moore, her twin lol.)

Uh. Jayleen! O: I donno. She's a girl. She's a trainer. She has a secretly personality named "Mimi" who is a pop star in Hoenn and known through regions. And stuffs XD Uhh. She loves Gary. Because I love Gary 8) I like a lot of the PokeBoys, actually XDD Whatever :P Uhmmm. Her sister is Flannery O: For obvious reasons XD And her grandfather is Blaine XDD Jayleen marries Gary when they're older and have three children. A boy, a girl, and then another boy by the names of Shigeru, Mari, and Samuel. Shigeru from Gary's Jap name (duh), Mari comes from parts of the names "Mimi" and "Gary", and Samuel was in respect of Professor Oak C: Love the old man <3

Blaziken is her starter (my baby fire chicken <333)
Ehhh. Hmm. I can't think anymore lol. Take it as it is for now.

I'll throw on the colored one next :V

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