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See what I did with her hair? In previous pictures, it's normally dark brown. Like, a really dark brown. But now I made it a raspberry color with a bit of brown. Which should her hair be? I do have to admit, the raspberry is much more exotic than the brown XD But I'm used to the dark brown x: Hmm. What a dilemma :P

Also. Currently, Jayleen and Jayden Moore are siblings to Flannery Moore, Lavaridge town's gym leader, si? So I was wondering. Should they be stepsiblings/halfsiblings or normal biological siblings? O:
ALSO, concerning family, previously Jayleen was related to May. May and Jayleen have way too much in common. Way too much XD Ex1: Their starter was a Torchic. Ex2: They both wear a vast amount of red. Ex3: They both wore bandanas (I took the bandana away from Jay since I got over them a few years back XD) Ex4: Jay WAS a coordinator as well, but I took that away from her too. Then again, her alter ego, Mimi, is a popstar and coordinator so whatever lol. But anyways. Should Jayleen be related to May or Lyra.
I'm so OC :'D
Lastly! Jay's eye color. I have no idea what to do with it XD It was green at first, but then I paired her with Gary and I donno whether to give him brown eyes or green eyes XD Especially when they're both brunettes because then they look like siblings -w-;; Scarlet's eye color is (guess) scarlet! So Jayleen's eye color is..? x:

Opinions would be appreciated :')

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