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Everyone Wants Eyeshield 21!
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I'm reading Eyeshield 21 right now and its so awesome!!! Chocolatemud, who is a big Hiruma fan, recommended the series to me. I started reading the online translated version but now I'm borrowing the books from the library which is much better^^ Hiruma doesn't have such a bad attitude xP

Anyway, reading the series and hearing of this amazing challenge A13 has created inspired me to do this poster. I call it poster, but its not a huge artwork although it covers the whole page.
Drawn and coloured with Copic markers. I was really shaky about colouring it, but I got it done today. Enjoy!
I've drawn several of the most important characters so far from Book's 1-2. Hiruma is one of my faves so he ends up taking up most of the room!
But my camera killed some of the colours and I couldn't edit them back in Dx

Dedicated to alphonse13, my great friend who made this challenge! I'll definitely be entering again so I hope you don't mind me dedicating my entries to you^^
Otakues, please check out this challenge if you have time!!! :D

Eyeshield 21 Fan Art
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