sweetdevil (Fan Art Portfolio) Reworked: Sailor Venus

Reworked: Sailor Venus
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My sketchbook's almost full, so I wanted it to go out with a bang, thus I decided to dedicate one of the remaining pages to drawing Sailor Moon characters (I can never get tired of them). I wasn't going to do all of the Inner Senshi, but I liked how Venus came out and took a shot with Mars (whose lineart is done, only the coloring left). And yay for colored pencils! Figured I should actually do something with them instead of tripping over then now and then.

Edit: the anatomy may look a little wonky, I'm trying out new poses. The hearts are totally there for the lulz, after I was done with the lineart I realized I couldn't include a Venus Love-Me Chain, so I just kinda...dropped them in the background XD

I uploaded a smaller version of it here, but you can find the original (scanned) size here. And feel free to use the lineart if you want to color it or anything, just drop me a line and credit me c: Same goes for the art itself.

Tools of the trade: 0.7 2B mechanical pencil, black Schneider pen (0.5, I guess?), a metric ton of colored pencils that have been lying around since I entered kindergarten (I kid you not)

Time: 6-10 minutes on the sketch & "inking", 10-15 minutes on the coloring (I'm bad with timing so these may be off by +3 or 4 minutes, not like it matters)

(Cloud, your gift is on the way, don't worry c: As in, almost done.)

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