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Hikari Kuroda's Headshot
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Ok...so this is the lineart for a more recent drawing of my anime self, Hikari Kuroda's, headshot. Since I got a haircut and the previous pics I drew were drawn pretty much when my hair came down to mid-back, thought I'd make an update on Kuroda's look(it's so much easier to just call her that instead of feeling like I'm talking in 3rd person...>.>;). She has an added accessory, which is a wolf claw necklace.

I'm debating on giving her a scar under her right cheek like the one I have...but it makes me wonder if that'll ruin her look? *tilts head* Well anyway, I think I've improved the past months since the previous drawings of her....So I think she looks better.X3

And I also gave her piercings in her ears, which she did not have before. But I kept her choker. It became Kuroda's signature accessory for some reason....wouldn't look right without it.

And her scent attracts alot of bloodthirsty creatures literally out for her blood, so she'd probably become dinner without that thing on her neck since it suppresses the stronger parts of her scent as well as her blood-scent. So to basically, her blood can't be scented unless the choker is off, so to other creatures, she apparently "has no blood".

Anyway, her hair color will also change. Still brown...just colored differently. I just haven't colored this yet or have been able to get to finishing my drawings. I've been trying to knock a bunch of things off my to-do list. And now that I got the parts done that have been irking me the most, I'll try to knock "finish drawings" off that list as well.>>;

Anyway, enjoy.

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