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The Fallen Warrior

In the midst of battle, the lead horse, Barron, has been mortally wounded by two arrows. One arrow punctured his lungs, through his ribcage. The second arrow pierces his spine, crippling his chances to move ever again.

His daughter, Juliet, stands beside him, trying fruitlessly to reassure him, he'll survive this. In the middle of the night, two centaurs approach them.

"Father, stop talking about death, okay. You'll be fine."

"Juliet, I know you can see the centaurs as well as I can. You know they're presence here is for me."

"But, Dad, I don't want you to go. The tribe will be hurt. Your family..." Juliet argues through her crying voice.

The male centaur, Rolo, lies down next to Barron, trying to support his head. The female centaur, Mona, cradles Juliet's head, kissing her on the nose. Despite Mona's efforts to comfort Juliet, there's nothing she can do can stop the tears pouring down Juliet's cheeks.

"Listen, Juliet. Time for me is closing fast. In a little while, (cough) I'll have to go with them. You'll have to lead the tribe in my place."

"Father, no I can't. Nothing will be the same without you. The tribe needs you. I need you. I love you so much. Don't die, please no. You can't."

"There's no use in arguing, Juliet. Like it or not, there is no way my life can be spared. This is it. You have to be the leader. I've taught you how to be. You know how to be the leader. My mortal life is over now, but my eternal life will have just begun. I will see you again when it's your turn to go. In the meantime, I'll appear in your dreams at night and breeze past you in the wind."

"Father...I know you've taught me well, but..." Juliet can no longer speak as she watches Barron close his eyes and expel his last breath. Mona holds Juliet, letting her mourn deeply for her father.

While Rolo takes Barron back to paradise, Mona will stay with Juliet until she can cope with her father's passing.

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centaur, cry, crying, daughter, death, die, dying, father, horse, horses
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