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Storm Watchers
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The majority of us see a tornado as a destructive demon to be feared for its wrath. They destroy our homes, our land, and even our lives.

However, not everyone sees them as an evil beast, but rather a welcomed reprieve. Alice the pegasus and Inca the dragon were both held captive by a greedy farmer. They had just happened to be flying overhead when he spotted them land in one of his fields for a rest and a toilet break. He had pulled out a rifle and shot Alice and Inca in their legs to stop their movements, and then proceeded to capture them.

After this, he chained Inca to a tree and forced Alice to be bred with a neighbor's stallion. The goal for the farmer was to have her produce winged foals for sale at the market in town. For Inca, he had plans to parade her in town as an evil beast and to have her butchered for meat in town.

Day after day, both captured animals prayed for rescue and reprieve. Then after weeks, their prayers were answered. The clouds came and darkened the sky. Ominous winds signaled to both Alice and Inca that the wrath of the storm would be pending across the countryside. They watched the farmer and his wife race to their storm cellar. The farmer had no time even to care about the fate of his captives.

Alice jerked and broke the chain around her right back leg, which had her bound to the stable wall. She ran outside and found Inca with a muzzle around her mouth. Alice bit through the muzzle and allowed Inca to burn through the rope binding her to the tree. With both horse and dragon broke free, neither hesitated to race and spread their wings for immediate flight. Just as they became airborne, a tornado was spotted in the distance and fast approaching the farm. Alice and Inca flew as fast as they could, passing through a rain ban, avoiding bolts of lightning striking the ground.

At last they made it above the clouds and out of harm's way. Both turned to watch the tornado encroach the farm and destroy the barn and all forms of imprisonment attached to it. Alice was especially relieved for the sake of the foal she was forced to carry. At least back home among her own kind, his birth will be free from any human trying to own him and enslave him.

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dragon, farm, horse, Pegasus, storm, tornado
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