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Relaxing Stage
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Edit:Made Sayu smile more XD

Finally it's done!!
Well lets start by saying hi to all and also by this link:


It took me years to master the best quality in rendering for characters and I finally found out how to do it.The help in making the pose for the char was really out of words,it was just some time to get the pose perfectly.Then I could really get creative with the background and such sweet Sayu.I'm very happy you accepted the art trade and I know this one will be hard to color X_x.If you need help to line or something just ask :3.

About the picture:
Took me days to draw all the leafs and all the details.I'm actually very tired but it was a great success.Been missing all the good friends here and I will do my best to comment and be here even thou work is really taking a lot of time.Need to finish some requests but almost done with all of them :3.

I would love if you could add a bit of your style in the chars face sayu. There are two rocks and the other 2 are some clouds reflected on the water.The fish are koi fish and didn't decided if the two leafs were flying with the wind or floating :3.

I would love to know what you all think about this unique picture :3

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