MangaKid (Fan Art Portfolio) Kaji w/ Blue Hair???

Kaji w/ Blue Hair???
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What a disaster!! KAJI!!! What on earth happened to your hair?!?!
Or should I say, what DIDN't happen to you hair? I know you usually dye it blonde but your normal shiny blue just doesn't suit you... GO BACK TO ORANGE, YOU REBEL!!!

Umm yeah, so while experimenting last night, I accidentally coloured Kaji's hair blue. (He's my OC btw. Here's some links: Kaji and One-shot Kaji) This portrait is based on my most recent Kaji style in the sketch on my world. He's getting ready to show in a shoujo one-shot I'm working on and I wanted to draw a big pic of him in this new style/look.

I was actually running out of light yellow ink, but I admit that I seriously wanted to see him with blue hair... Its just now he doesn't look like Kaji!! He's much too laid back with black/blue hair... I wish I had done it differently =_=' Lol I posted this though since I want your opinion and I spent so much time/ink on this anyway xP Drawn and coloured in Copic markers and Micron pigma multi-liners.
Thanks for viewing! :D You guys are all awesome^^

I actually took pictures of most of the stages in this artwork so I shall post them asap on the Artist Cubby! I'm so slow with making process posts xD

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character, copic markers, hair, Kaji, MangaKid, OC, original, portrait
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