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Weep No More
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WHOO-HOOOO!!! so guess what is tomorrow...
....give up? ok i tell you!
tomorrow morning *early ...D:* the choir is going to District Festival, as per usual! >_< i am so excited, i could pee!!!! :D
i don't honestly know why I am so excited, we go every year. and this year we aren't as good as most of the time. ~but oh well, we will still be AMAZING! XD CHOIR POWER!

please wish us luck! (*^._.^*)
as for this picture, it is also kind of chior related.
the words on this picture of micchi is
"shed no tear, shed no tear. the flower will bloom another year. weep no more."
which is one line from one of our songs! :3
that song is so pretty!! T^T it makes me cryyyyy~~~
i like that one a bit more than "sail away" except that we get to use a drum during sail away...me gusta the drum... oh I will also try to take lots of pictures to show you guys! >//< love! <3
and If i get a copy of our performance, i am planning on making an AMV to weep no more. than i'll get it on youtube. :D

anyways~ I will stop rantig about choir and get on with it! ^^
this picture is of Micchi, because I love him...~<3
I think the song really fits his character, too.
he was little when he lost everything, when suddenly he was given a reason to live. now he is surrounded by friends who love him. <3 he doesn't have to think about his past now.

ok, imma go get myself pumped for tomorow, I'll tell you all if we made it to state sometime soon, (for anyone who relly cares ^^')
oh, p.s: I am listening to Beach Boys...*even though there is snow outside... ^-^'

Kamichama Karin Fan Art
choir, cry, kamichama karin, micchi, michiru, nishikiori, pencil, shade
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