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Now, before you get on my case, let me explain myself. The Temple of Water Droplets is a troll temple. People can take hard temples, people can take long temples, what messed with a lot of people in this temple is that it gives you the boss key AND the room that it goes to early. People start off thinking it will be an easy, short temple but IT'S NOT! It is freaking huge and complicated! And then, after finally figuring it out, you get to the element and this giant freaking octo takes it away and leaves! People know they have to fight a boss but when you dangle a carrot in front of them like that... ARG!
Now when you fight this boss, you learn that you have to burn its tail... this is where you can let out your frustration on the entire temple.

Artist's Note: I always hate when I see "I did this really quickly" comments because its usually a piece that would take me months to do. However, I did do this really quickly for a contest. I didn't really pay much attention to detail which I usually do 99% of the time for Zelda pics, and my biology is lacking. But since I don't really care about this pic, I'm not really that upset. I usually have a pic in my head for months before I draw it. This I thought of instantly and began drawing right away.

Zelda Fan Art
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