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It Still Hurts
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Here's my first entry to superstarpanou's Its Okay to Cry challenge! I hope to enter a couple more times^^ (AY broke the annoying art block *does a little jig*) I hope more people will check it out too :D

This is the saddest scene in one of the first animes I ever watched: Kaichou wa Maid Sama!

OKay, so the first time I drew this I accidentally broke one of the rules, and fortunately realized before I posted it xD So I fixed it up. BUT I cannot fix up the fact that I pretty much just redrew the same scene from the manga. (reference chapter 34, page 29. I did not trace!)
Its very un-creative =_=' I'm sorry! blame the art block

Its meant to look like a collage, with all the emotion that pouring down on poor Hinata Dx I've only watched the anime and this scene was the saddest, tied with the previous scene when Hinata realizes Usui has won Misaki and they defiantly 'ruff' at each other. I'm definitely a Hinata fan so I was so sad!
Spoiler warning: And in this scene Hinata climbs the same tree that he did when he was a kid. Misaki took care of him when they were younger after he fell out of the tree. He used to be really chubby since he ate so much, but then he had to leave to live with his grandparents who only fed him vegetables? xD And he promised that he would return to find his love Misaki. But when he gets back, Usui has taken her and his efforts to regain her always fall short. So at the end, he climbs the same tree and is thinking on how Misaki slipped away from him.
Sorry for all the spoiler text xD Don't want anyone to see anything they shouldn't if they haven't watched this great anime/or read the manga!! :D

Only pencil used. Enjoy! Thanks always for your support^^

Maid Sama! Fan Art
hinata shintani, Kaichou wa maid sama, maid, maid sama!, misaki, president, sad, sad scene
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