moonlight maiden (Fan Art Portfolio) Trollian: arachnicGoddess

Trollian: arachnicGoddess
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Your name is NEFILA SALTIS. You are 9 sweeps old. You have a
variety of INTERESTS. You have quiet a talent for DRAWING, however in your society it is looked upon as a useless talent. You like to STARGAZE and READ SHITTY FANFICTION simply to laugh at how terrible it is. You also have a fondness for HUMAN ANIME and ROLEPLAYING.

So this is my OC, she's mostly based off my real life self... her first name comes from the spider genus Nephila, and her last name comes from the jumping spider family Salticidae.

She's probably a hero of light, as well as a derse dreamer...

Her lusus is a spider-woman (Joroogumo) as this particular yokai was thought to belong to the Nephila genus.

As already mentioned her trollian name is arachnicGoddess, which points to her opinion of herself as being rather high XD

her typing quirk is replacing b's with 8's and having 8 eyes for all smilies, she also adds 8 !,?,. 's or for letters when expressing emphasis, and she occasionally splices in some japanese or weabooish sounds (i.e. kyaaaaaaaa! eeeeeeee? stuff like that)

Homestuck Fan Art
, cerulean blood, character, oc, original, scorpio, troll
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