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Hey everyone! Sorry I've been inactive for so long. I also haven't drawn Rei in a very long time. I've just been working on a super de duper special new project with my new character Kaira! I've decided to make Rei just an original character and not putting her into the KH universe. I think she might fit better as an Avatar: the Last Airbender OC, but I'm not sure yet! The idea is still processing :) I might just get rid of her all together~~

But anyways, after hard work of planning and designing, I'd like to introduce my new character Kaira! I worked really hard on this, and I really hope you all like her. :D She's my dream character and is everything I want to be!

Name: Kaira
Age: Immortal 13 year old that looks 18 because she’s so mature
Gender: Female
Race: Part heartless, nobody, Angel, devil, dragonborn, elf, fairy, warlock, unicorn
Hair color: Glistening pink that shines like diamonds when the sunlight hits it
Eye Color: A gorgeous, stunning ruby eyes that changes gold in her Final Form
Weapons: The keyblades Everlasting Love, Heaven’s Grace, Boundless Beauty (main weapons), the X-blade, both versions of the Ultima Keyblade (final form keyblades), Thunderfury Blessed Blade of the Wind Seeker, the power of darkness and light, and Xemnas’ light sabers, Save the Queen(Staff), Save the King(Shield), and a pink Kingdom Key that is even more powerful than the X-blade.
Forms: Valor Form, Wisdom Form, Master Form, Final Form, Knight Armor(activated by the mechanism on her arm)
Abilities: She can wield as many keyblades as she wants whether she is in her final form or not. If she is without a weapon, she is perfectly capable at hand to hand combat, for she is a black belt in Kung Fu, Jiu Jutsu, Eskrima, and Tai Chi. When she wraps her hair around a wound, it will heal it, and her hair will be left clean. When she sings, the wildlife of the world she’s on will come to her aid and attack on her command. She can sprout large, pure white wings that sparkle in the sunlight and fly for as long as she wants. Her kiss bring life brings life to the dead. In her final form, she can turn invisible and read minds.
Personality: An innocent flower, she always tries to be optimistic even in the worst of times. Even when she’s sad, she puts on a fake smile so her loving friends don’t worry about her. Though shy at first, she’s very friendly, even towards the bad guys who don’t want to attack her, but she does her duty as a Keyblade Master to keep balance in the universe.
Love Interest: Torn between Sora, Riku, Cloud, Cid, Wakka, and all of the Organization XIII members (though her feelings were strongest with Roxas), she cannot decide whom she loves the most.
History: Princess Kaira, the younger twin of Kairi, was originally chosen by Aqua to be a keyblade weilder. Filled with jealousy of her beauty and power, Kairi pushed Kaira off of the balcony of their castle. She told Aqua that she was too beautiful to be human, and that she was actually an evil witch that would abuse the power of the keyblade. Because of Kairi’s lies, Aqua was convinced and gave her the power of the keyblade. However, Yen Sid saved Kaira and transported her to his castle, the keyblade’s power still strong within her. Despite her young age, Yen Sid saw her potential, and deemed her a Keyblade Master without giving her any formal training. When she was 13, she was kidnapped by Maleficent and the heartless. Maleficent tried took over her body, greedy for the power of the keyblade. However, because of the power of her heart, Kaira was able to fight her back and regain control of her body. A part of Maleficent was trapped inside her, and essentially made her part heartless. This gave her the power to control darkness. (Skipping things) At the end of KH, it is revealed that she is the one true Princess of Heart, and sacrifices herself to save the worlds. She lies in Sora’s arms, and they share one last kiss before she disappears. Since her heart was so powerful, instead of becoming a nobody, her heart created a new, immortal, physically older body. In return, however, she lost all of her memories. Xemnes found her, and instantly fell in love with her, stunned by her beauty and kindness. He deemed her the leader of the Organization, and she was loved by all of the members, partically Roxas. Sora’s memories and feelings for Kaira filled Roxas’ only memories from his somebody self. The organization constantly fought over who would go on a date with her next. After finding out of Xemnes’ true nature, despite his willingness to change for her, Kaira killed him with one graceful slap. Kaira and Roxas then decided to run away from the Organization and instead live peacefully in Twilight Town. Though their days together were brief, Kaira and Roxas became extremely intimate, emotionally, spiritually, and physically; their love was unlike any other. However, their happiness came to an abrupt end when DiZ and Riku kidnapped Roxas. Before she destroyed them, DiZ manage to tell her that they were trying to save Sora. Just the mention of his name caused her heart to skip, and all of her loving memories of him flowed back to her. Confused of her feelings, she managed to complete Sora’s heart without having to sacrifice Roxas. Together with the two boys, they traveled to different worlds and brought peace, frequently saving them whenever they messed up. (Skipping more things) After killing the reborn Xemnes, Kaira also saved Sora and Riku from the Dark Realm and brought them safely to Destiny Islands. After bring peace to the worlds, Kaira must now face the challenge of sorting out her feelings. Being unable to choose between her multiple lovers, she married all of them and had a thousand babies.

That's it for now! There's still some bumps in her story, but I'll be sure to smooth them out when I can ;D Prepare to have a lot more drawings of her! Oh! and I'm going to make a new manga for her too! So look forward to that! ;D

Oh! And Here's a high quality version:

Thank you for viewing!<3

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