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For superstarpanou’s .:It's Okay to Cry:. Challenge!

WARNING – Wolf’s Rain spoilers to follow! I’d rather not spoiler-tag the whole description, so I’ll just give you a heads-up.

When I read the premise for this challenge, I immediately thought of Wolf’s Rain, one of my favorite anime series. The harder part was deciding which scene to draw since there were so many that made me cry, eheh ^^; I settled on this one, Cher’s death scene. Hubb and Cher were among my favorite characters in the show. They are a divorced couple but throughout the course of the story they realize how much they really love each other. Their relationship makes a beautiful turn-around, but then of course this happens. I’ll never forget the shock I felt the first time I watched this episode, when the vehicle Cher’s in tumbles over a cliff side. Hubb is right there to watch it happen, and he gets down to the bottom of the cliff just before she dies. I re-watched the scene to get inspiration for this drawing and had a hard time not getting choked up even then. It’s just so sad! (You can watch it here if you want)

It was nice to return to pencil shading for this one – I haven’t done it in so long! I wanted a rougher look and thought that would be a good way to go. Color was added in Photoshop. I really wanted to focus on Hubb and the sorrow he’s feeling at this moment, so hopefully that came across well. The title is from what he says to Cher as she’s dying (in the English version).

Whoo, long description. Thanks for reading/viewing!

Wolf's Rain Fan Art
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