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herpderp girladay day2
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The second coming of my girl-a-day over break!

I woke up and pulled my laptop on my stomach (didn't even bother sitting up) and noticed Sethm's "May". It looked quite good, I must say. I began to feel a bit nostalgic looking at it- I remeber back in grade school, I was such a May-tard. I even cosplayed her once (but I gave my bandana to Ponyo-chan)... now that I think about it, there are some creepy memories lingering about it too... recently the kid who kept telling me he loved me and wanted to go out started walking home the same way I do, which wouldn't bother as much if he didn't push his way into conversations I was having with Ryan (an old friend who recently moved back from wherever), or staring at me the entire lunch period, or telling me how he shouldn't be walking because once there was a guy who was chasing him with a knife (which knowing the morons at my school, I don't actually doubt)...

I try to be nice, but he's turning into a total creeper! HE LIKES EVERYTHING I EVER POST, EVER. I feel so uncomfortable going to school, but I don't want to tell him something mean and make him feel bad, but... UGHHH.

ANYWAYYYYY, this is for you, Sethm, because you're a fan of May!<3 (ps keep up your wonderfultastic work!

Pokemon Fan Art
bandana, girl, haruka, lenka sugar, may, pokemon, red
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