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Himitsu no Kyarameru chan!
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Hola, friends! So, this is the first drawing of my 10 sketches challenge!! Harukafrenzy(C C C) asked me to draw her character, Miss Miracle! I asked her to describe the other character to me to draw with her, because she hadn't shown me any drawings of her, so hopefully I did it correctly 0.o I couldn't remember the the other girl's name, but it was something like Snickers or Carmel or something..? So I'm gonna go with Caramel, because I think it's cute. But apparently Miss Miracle is a superhero, and Caramel is always messing stuff up royally that she has to fix. She reminded me of myself, because I constantly trip over things and break things, and she sounded clumsy. So here she is, having broken something, and Miss Miracle is not impressed. So, sadness ensues: apparently TheOtaku can't take Japanese..? So the title has to be in Romanji : ( It says "The secrets of Caramel.", ひみつ の キャラメル ちゃん. By the way, 10 sketches challenge is very much open, Haruka is so far my only addition, so if you want a drawing, I will do anything you want! Within reason.
Directly to Haru: I tried to put all the parts in that you said for Caramal that I can remember. I hope I did okay! Enjoy! I REALLY hope you enjoy it! Comment and let me know what you though, everyone.

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Anime, Big eyes, Break, Caramel, Cute, Don't tell, Girls, Goofy, Manga, Miss Miracle, Mistake, My Bad, Ooops, Original, Secret, Shatter, Superhero
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