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Bai Bora II
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Ha-ya! This is my oc Sen-chi(Seniang-chi).
LIFE STORY(ho is interested-read please,others-don’t you are going to get bored)
Seniang was born in a rich family but she never grow up in there. When her mother gave birth to her and her twin Kia(Kia Wan-Chi-{Miharu Mori}) her grandfather& her father too, decided to give away her in adoption(CUZ-every 15 years when the descendant of the Chi dynasty gives birth to twin babies, their fate would be to fight and kill each-other in a match at last breath-"a sort of curse").Mioshi(Sen&Kia’s father) to protect them from themselves gave Sen to his old friend Kiazumo Nitoshima a great Swordmaster of Japan, at first, he turned the ‘‘propose”, but he couldn’t say no to his childhood friend that’s why he accepted. For many years Kiazumo lived with Sen and treated her like his own daughter but also as a pupil. He taught Sen the techniques of fighting with weapons, Samurai swords and sticks(Sticks were Sen fav weapon as she was able to use “Lady Spider”, technique[the only woman of the Chi dynasty able to do it!]).Everything was going perfectly in Sen life until Kiazumo’s daughter(yeah he had a biologic daughter, about 24 years old) died in a car crash in Europe.Kiazumo got crazy and started to get dunked. Scared from this unknown side of her ”father” face Sen ren away from the residence she was living ,and lived the rest of her life working around the streets….Years later when she become 26-years old ,tired of making her work as a dishwasher she gets out the restaurant and fund’s a dunked man(about 53 years old),holding on his hand a half ruined white sword.With her best friend Ruochi Mani,they helped the man to get sober …They talked for hours and asked him about his story, at last Sen understood from the coincidences that he was his adoptive father,but this wasn’t the only surprise that life reserved for her,after Kiazumo "de-intoxicated"(is this a word-__-,) him self completely ,he told to Seniang the truth about her life story,he told her about her twin,the course ,his own daughter and her family.This was something that Sen could never imagine to happen in her miserable life,happy to meet her family she flew to Yokohama ,but all she could see were three tombs with her parent’s name…All of them were dead but not the hope in her heart,she was sure that Kia was alive,somewhere in Japan….In fact her sister was alive,she was 26,and member of the Yakuza,after her grandfather refused to teach her the fighting technique of the “Dragonfly”(he thought that Kia would became very dangerous knowing it-in fact he was right) she got angry and become a beast ,killing all the presents in “Chi’s” residence(servants &pets too-her mother had the passion for birds&cats).After Sen learned this she became furious and pleased Kiazumo to train her again so she could stop her sister of killing more innocents…..Many months passed and Sen grew up…her adoptive father was dead(from heart cardiac attack yeah thats banal o_O),but before he died , he gave her his White sword!Sen promised on his tomb that she would stop her sister but that her sword would never feel Kia’s blood,(at last Kia-or Miharu[call her as you wish] disappeared, and during all this time Seniang decided to protect people in need in Japan streets , from criminals hopping that one day one of them could be her sister).As a result she become a sort of Urban hero Named BAI-BORA(it means cold storm),and she cleaned Japan streets from bad people.
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