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I didn't think that I was going to enter, but I figured the only way I could possibly win (or place) was to submit something. I hope that makes sense.

Anyways, the way I chose to go about this was basically trying to follow the rules while also being creative. (Whether I achieved that is up to you.)

First off, one character was prefered so that was a no brainer, also background color was kind of required. Yeah...

Then, gender was really I guess because the last few mascots have all been guys, so I went for a female mascot. Though her hair is kinda spikey so maybe genderbent mascot? Not really intended but interpret it as you will. Also, I've been drawing a lot of guys recently so I wanted to mix it up.

The "background-ish" stuff is, on the left, ink, which is supposed to represent traditional art (ie. some fanart and comics) whereas the pixel on the left are intended to reflect the digital pieces (ie. other half of fanart and comics, also, wallpapers and ecards too.) So that was suppposed to be the "creative-ness" aspect also called for in the rules. Also, the glowyness that envelopes her is kind of like inspiration as well.

Sorry if there are any typos. Also, votes are appreciated, as always, but only if you actually like it. I don't want to be all like, "vote for me because I want to win" but yeah, I'm trying to work on drawing stuff so if you don't think its worth voting on, maybe tell me something constructive so I can improve. I really want to do better. Sorry if this seems presumptuous.

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digital, girl, ink, otaku, pixel, theO, traditional
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